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We all know that plants clean the air but the way Respira leverages their restorative properties is far different than what is typically believed. Short answer, we use the science of biofiltration to remove toxins from the air you breathe. Long answer, by planting the wall hydroponically, we expose the root zone to a constant stream of water. In doing so, the roots and water create a build up of what is known as “biofilm” (link) This biofilm is full of microbial bacteria. As we pull the air actively through the system, we pass it through the biologically active root zone and this is where the toxins are captured by the biofilm and permanently destroyed as the plants use the pollution and toxins as food. Those same toxic compounds are then digested and broken down into simple compounds of water and carbon.

For a period of 12 months from delivery the product will be covered under limited warranty. New Earth Solutions guarantees that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will function properly under normal use in accordance with the documentation provided with the Product. In the case of a defect, please contact us at for return instructions. Shipping charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable law.

Should there be any issues or defects due to manufacturing error, customers can contact with an explanation of the defect, proof of payment, and any additional documentation such as images to make a claim within the 24 months following delivery.

Under this warranty, New Earth Solutions at its discretion will offer to repair or replace the defective Product with the same or similar product. The replacement product will be under warranty for the remaining time left in the original warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, accident, electrical disturbance, water, fire or normal wear and tear.

The units are currently only being sold in Canada and the U.S. We will begin opening up to additional countries in 2021. The decision on which countries will be based on interest and reach. If you are living outside of North America, let us know where you’re from and we will take note!

Our pre launch went live November 1st. As a pre launch purchaser you will have access to the store, through our website at a significant discount with between 25%-35% savings on all items. This is our way of thanking you for supporting the manufacturing of Respira and therefore the dream we have to improve the health of indoor spaces around the world through a connection to nature. January we will go live officially and at that time the unit will be available at the regular market price.

Each Respira unit comes with a total of 13 plants. 4” in size, non pollinating, bare rooted and low light conditioned.


Respira will send the plants and unit separate. The reason for this is because the plants need to arrive in perfect condition and in North America, some regions require temperature regulated packaging. Each plant package will come with 13 plants, bare rooted. To keep the plants safe we will insulate each box and deliver it to you at a specified time when you are home. If we miss you, the courier will deliver it to the nearest courier hub and arrange for an alternative pick up or delivery in the following days.

In the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please email us as soon as possible at with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We will address these concerns on a case-by-case basis, but will always try our best to work towards an appropriate solution.


The only maintenance required for our unit is refilling the nutrients every three months and refilling the water basin every ten days or so. We've made it as easy as possible by having the system alert you to your smartphone whenever maintenance is needed.

Any standard electrical AC three-prong plug 110/220V socket will be suitable for a Respira unit. We are currently supplying our unit with a North American three-prong plug. However, we aim to please all of our customers, so if this is a concern, please send us an email via the contact us form.

Cannot find your answer? For more questions or inquiries, please contact us at

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