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The intersection of nature and technology

The smart, air-purifying garden that takes care of itself.

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Garden Automation

Eliminate the guesswork from gardening with Respira's patented
self-watering, self-feeding, and self-lighting system

Breathing life back into your space

Join our growing community in planting the seeds for the next generation of clean air technology

LED Grow Light

The Grow Light allows your plants to access to the full spectrum of light that they need to flourish. Set the light schedule based on existing levels of natural light (low, medium, high) in your space.

Touch Screen Display

Control the airflow, light schedule, and energy usage all from the 6” LCD screen.

Air Purification

Turn fans on/off for air purification and humidity.


Turns the pump on/off.


Manually turn the light on/off or set the lighting schedule.

Conservation mode

Turn this on when you leave home for more than 5 days.

App Control

Receive alerts on water and nutrient levels while controlling the system from anywhere in the world.

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Functional Decor

The most naturally beautiful air purifier in the world.

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Watering Jug

Improve the health of your home with Respira

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