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Bringing In Plants & Boosting Sales

Retailers have long understood the importance of creating an inviting and attractive environment. Recent research shows that introducing living plants into retail spaces can actually have a significant impact on a business' success. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which having indoor plants can benefit retail businesses and discuss how retailers can best integrate them into their designs.
Adidas store with living wall

How Retail Spaces Can Benefit From The Addition of Plants

Bringing plants into your store or workplace has been proven to help retailers in a number of ways. Plants can provide an inviting and calming atmosphere that is conducive to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales conversions, and higher employee productivity. The presence of greenery also leads to an increased sense of comfort for those shopping in these environments. Studies have concluded that there are significant associations between the presence of plants and reduced stress levels, which can increase the likelihood that customers will stay longer in your space and can influence the total value of their end purchase. People are also more likely to buy from a business if they share the same values as the company. Research has shown that even stores that integrate plants into their signage are perceived to have more positive values than those without.

How Plants Can Benefit Employees

Not only do living plants help create a pleasant atmosphere for customers, but they also provide numerous health benefits for occupants in the space. Having an integrated biofilter plant wall can reduce air pollution levels in stores, as well as improve air quality by increasing oxygen and humidity levels. This improved air quality can lead to fewer illnesses among employees. Additionally, studies have found that having indoor plants can increase employee productivity, decrease the overall rate of absenteeism, and reduce staff turnover. 

Aritzia store decorated with plants

Designing with plants can help to create a more enjoyable atmosphere, reduce stress, and provide a sense of well-being for customers and staff alike. Moreover, studies have shown that having living plants in retail environments can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales conversions, and even boost employee productivity. As a result of these findings, living plants have become an integral part of retail design, with many stores now incorporating plant walls (also known as living walls) or indoor plant displays into their design.

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