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Zoom Plant Nutrients - Respira
Zoom Plant Nutrients - Respira
Zoom Plant Nutrients - Respira
Zoom Plant Nutrients - Respira
Zoom Plant Nutrients - Respira

Plant Nutrients

$16.00 USD


Our liquid nutrients are formulated to give your plants exactly what they need for vegetative growth. This two-part solution is perfect for at-home use, with chelating agents that allow nutrient uptake in a wider range of pH. Each nutrient bag is designed to connect to your Respira unit for automatic nutrient dosing, allowing you to garden without guesswork.

Looking To Fully Automate Your Respira?

Respira Smart offers the fully automated gardening expereince. Respira Smart allows for remote access to the fans, pumps, lights and air quality analyticis from any smart device.

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Where did you think all the fresh air was coming from?

Biological air filtration using the power of nature. Respira offers the aesthetic & atmospheric benefits of a living wall, with the performance of an air filtration system. Respira pulls the air inside your space through the biofilter and removes 97% of airborne toxins and pollutants which we otherwise would be breathing.

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How much space does Respira clean?

Respira purifies 300 sq ft. and removes 97% of volatile organic compounds commonly found in the home.

How long will the plants live?

In the right environment, Respira will provide the necessary nutrients, light and water to keep your plants healthy for up to 25 years.

Can I grow herbs and vegtables in a Respira?

The main intention behind Respira is to purify the air in your space using plant root zones. Customers have successfully grown herbs and vegetables in Respira, but this is not the original purpose.

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