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Choosing a Green Wall for Your Home

There are many reasons to bring plants into your home, and there are also many indoor green walls and gardening kits on the market that can help you do so. So, why choose Respira? 

In this blog, we compare some qualities of the different indoor living wall options on the market to help determine whether Respira is right for you.

The Natural Beauty of Plants

Respira unit on a stand, lush foliage, warm natural light

Plants are undeniably beautiful and have been scientifically proven to have huge mental health benefits when brought indoors. Living walls are becoming very popular for this reason. You can also achieve this aesthetic beauty with your average potted houseplants, and if you’re good at caring for them, they’ll consistently add beauty and peace to your space for years to come.

Just about any growing system on the market can bring you the visual benefits of plants themselves. However, Respira’s design is uniquely aesthetic - accentuating, rather than distracting from, the appearance of the plants you choose. We designed it to blend seamlessly with any décor, while highlighting the plants and emphasizing their benefits.

How Much Space is Required?

Respira wall mounted unit, sleek design

Many indoor garden units on the market require tabletop or counter space, while others come with their own dedicated cabinets. These options might work for you if you have space for extra appliances or furniture, but we designed our unit to save on space. Our slim design can function as a freestanding unit or be easily mounted to the wall like a piece of art.

Ease of Installation

If you wish to install Respira as a freestanding unit, all you have to do is simply slide them in to the back of the unit. If you choose to hang it on your wall as a living work of art, it should take approximately the same amount of time that you’d need to hang a picture. All that is required is a drill, a stud finder and two screws. Everything else is included.

Respira unit on stand

Setting up an indoor garden can be both messy and stressful. When planting in soil, you can end up having dirt strewn throughout the house. There’s also the chance you’ll damage your plants’ roots when repotting them. Since Respira is planted hydroponically, the plants are grown without soil. Our growing medium is porous and soft, allowing the roots to easily intertwine without being scratched or damaged. Placing your plants into the unit is also very straight forward - each plant slot is clearly indicated, and you simply slide the root ball of the plant into an open pocket.

Maintenance Requirements

There are a wide variety of indoor gardening solutions available and they range from specially designed flowerpots to complete hydroponic systems with even the grow lights included. Some of them are easy and automated, but many of them are sold as basic units, adding cost as you add options to help water, feed or monitor your plants.

If you have a natural green thumb and time on your hands for plant care, that might be suitable. But, we wanted Respira to be worry free, for busy people who want the beauty and benefits of plants but might be hesitant about diving in to the hobby of gardening. We opted for a fully automatic system that monitors the light, water and nutrient needs of the plants. It keeps your plants optimally fed and watered on a set schedule and notifies you when any extra care is required. Our only optional component is the grow light, since not everyone will need one, depending on the available natural light in each persons space.

Air Purification

Improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ) is where Respira really shines. Other products offer the biophilic advantages of having plants in your home, and some even allow you to grow fresh, healthy food right on your kitchen countertop. Respira is uniquely designed to improve quality of life by directly improving the quality of the air you breathe. It is the only system we know about in North America that combines hydroponics and living wall technology to purify air in a residential space. Our ventilation system circulates the air in your home through our proprietary growing medium and the roots of the plants. These roots are populated with thriving colonies of beneficial microbes which actively remove pollution from the air.

Respira: The Total Package

Respira wall-mounted unit in white

If you want to improve your IAQ with a living wall biofilter that’s attractive, compact, easy to set up, a breeze to install and practically takes care of itself, we hope you’ll give Respira a try.


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