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Improving the Health of Indoor Spaces as Life Shifts Indoors

On a mission to provide natural home purifying solutions, Guelph-based design firm, New Earth Solutions, is innovating the botanical living wall for homes.

Guelph, ON | NOVEMBER 27 , 2020 - Humans spend 90% of their lives indoors, whether that be at work or at home. With workplaces shifting their employees to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, time spent inside the home is drastically increasing, and more people are starting to focus on how their homes can be transformed into a healthy environment. The Guelph-based design firm, New Earth Solutions, is introducing living wall solutions for homes, ensuring all of us can access a natural solution to filtering the air in everyday living spaces.

Specialists in commercial plant wall installations since 2018, the firm recognizes a growing trend in employees moving to permanent remote positions. Ultimately, this shift forced homes to become spaces for both work and play and people were being challenged to optimize their space for both requirements. Living walls have proved to be a valuable asset for corporate buildings, aiding not only in better efficiency, increased mood amongst employees, and lower energy costs but also providing purified air. Respira will be answering the call from consumers to bring this innovative filtration solution into the home.

Beautiful commercial living wall in the lobby of The Torontonian

“The purpose of our commercial installs is to leverage plant's restorative properties to reduce energy consumption and purify the air we breathe in large commercial buildings,” shares New Earth Solutions Co-Founder, Dylan Robertson, “COVID-19 has brought a sense of urgency to clean the air inside our homes and we were in a position to help by making a simple pivot to our companies focus.”

Hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and cleaners have all grown in demand as consumers seek solutions to keep their homes and families safe. While effective, living walls provide a natural home purifying solution, as the walls are planted hydroponically (without soil) and fed by a constant stream of water. The exposed roots actively pull toxins from the air, capturing and destroying them within the root zone. This provides a convenient, beautiful, and continuous purifying system for any home.

Black Respira unit on stand in warmly lit living room

“A home is a sanctuary, somewhere you want to feel absolute comfort, safety, and relaxation,” notes Dylan, “Natural, science-based air purification is great, but what is different about our system is that it also promotes a real connection with nature."

With increased time spent at home, there comes a greater risk of mental health problems associated with isolation, disruption to one's hobbies, and a lack of positive stimuli. Respira views a living wall as a home installation that is engaging and provides peace to an environment. Visuals of growing plants, along with continuous fresh air, works together to transform homes into an environment worth spending more time in.

Through Respira living botanical walls, we can once again feel connected to the natural world while having peace of mind that our home has purified, clean air. 

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New Earth Solutions is a Guelph-based design firm that specializes in integrated solutions, inspired by nature, to improve wellness. New Earth Solutions oversees multiple companies focused on the development of green solutions to optimize and improve lives and connect people to nature. 


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