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Indoor Gardening for Beginners

By Liz Shiro

Spring is the perfect time for someone to get started with a new hobby and it's no surprise that gardening has become a popular choice since the beginning of the pandemic. Although gardening is accessible to people of all ages, not all of us have enough space, lighting, or knowledge to feel comfortable starting out on our gardening journey. 

Variety of potted houseplants

There are huge advantages to growing plants in our homes, aside from just the visual beauty, as plants can provide many other physical and mental benefits, such as improved indoor air quality and boosted mood. The best part is that everybody can bring plants into their homes with just a little extra effort and an understanding on how to keep them alive. Below we've shared a few tips on how you can create a successful indoor garden using low maintenance plants, hydroponic gardening, and even opting for a smart garden system if it's right for you.

Pursue Low Maintenance Gardening First

Choose low-maintenance plants that are unpretentious. The first step is to consider how much light you have in your home and buy plants that will work in the space you have. For areas with very minimal lighting, such as basements, plants like the ZZ Plant or Snake plant are more suitable.

Snake plant close up

In spaces that have moderate naturally occurring light, some of the best plants for your space would be Pothos, Monstera or English Ivy.

And finally, if you have large windows and lots of light coming into your space, consider plants such as Pepperomia, Chinese Money Plant, Zebra Plant or Rubber Plant. 

Rubber plant

Figure Out Which Indoor Gardening System Suits Your Space and Your Needs

There are many types of indoor garden systems that are available on the market these days. The two main types are soil-based and hydroponic systems. Choosing the right system for you ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Soil-based gardening system are often the most well-known among beginner gardeners. In these systems, the soil not only acts as the growing space for the plants but also provides important nutrients for them to absorb. Some of the downsides to this type of system are that your plant's may prefer or require different types of soil and using soil can make knowing when to water your plants more of a challenge. 

Soil-based plant

In a hydroponic system, your plants grow through a specialized medium where the roots are exposed to water that contains the necessary minerals and vitamins. Generally, this type of system is less maintenance for the plant parents however, some of the most popular plants, including cacti and succulents, won’t work with a hydroponic setup. For a hydroponic system like Respira, we recommend using low light tropical plants, such as Pothos or Philodendron Monstera.

Try an Automated Smart Garden

While watering your plants may seem like a straightforward task, it can be easy to overdo it. One way to tell if you have overwatered your plant is that you may see the leaves turn yellow or brown, and start to fall off. If you’re under-watering, the leaves may begin to curl and the top of the plant will look healthier than the bottom.

Getting an automated smart garden might be your best option to see the best results. By creating an optimal growing environment, automated smart garden systems allow you to learn more about your plants and watch them thrive without the worry of keeping them alive.

Respira hydroponic smart garden

Respira is a hydroponic automated smart garden that not only monitors plant health, water levels and lighting, but also measures indoor air quality and improves the health of your indoor space both visually and functionally. Indoor smart garden systems like this are not only for beginner gardeners, but can be ideal for gardeners at all levels. It’s the perfect addition for those who want to brighten up their space and improve their wellbeing.

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