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Small Space Gardening: Build Your Own Concrete Jungle

By Liz Shiro

North America is facing a modern-day phenomenon where more people are choosing to live in condos over single-family homes. The primary reasons for this are affordability, less maintenance, and proximity to the downtown core. Unfortunately, the closer you live to inner city hotspots often means you'll be farther from nature and green spaces and there are fewer opportunities for you to connect with nature and the natural world.

City buildings in Toronto

One solution for this challenge is to pursue urban gardening. By bringing more plants and greenery into your space, you can then reap the benefits that nature has to offer from the comfort of your own home. While new condominiums generally have big windows and lots of natural light, they also often have a lack of space - making it difficult to find the right plants to fit your needs. In this article, we discuss a few ways that you can create a beautiful indoor garden with limited space.

Use Plants as Decor

Small spaces can fill up pretty quickly and begin to look overcrowded. Using plants as decor to style your home is a great way of utilizing your available space and providing maximum benefits. Not only do plants make a room feel more dynamic and lively, but they provide that connection to nature we all yearn for - plus, gardening and caring for plants is a great hobby for people of all ages!

In Scandinavian countries, people often bring nature into their homes and use plants in their design to add visual interest and make the space feel more cozy. 

Hanging plants used as decor

A great tip would be to get plants that trail downwards and place them on a high shelf. This allows you to save the floorspace but still cover a great deal of vertical space adding height to the room and making it feel bigger. Some examples would be Golden Pothos, Philodendron, and String of Hearts.

Low-Light Plant Options

In most condominiums, even though the windows are large, you might get less light during specific times of the day depending on which direction your windows face. For example, if you have East facing windows, you may only get natural light in the mornings when the rays are typically not as strong. It is important to take note of which way your windows face and how much sunlight they receive each day and shop for your plants accordingly. If you have corners in your condo or areas that do not receive much sun at all, save them for some low-light plants.

Go Vertical

Another easy way to save space and build a flourishing indoor garden is to plant vertically by installing some simple shelving or designing your own living wall. Hanging plants, like Pothos and Philodendron are popular choices to place on shelves or in hanging baskets.

Respira vertical garden, hanging in condo living area

If you are a beginner gardener and you want to be more efficient with your space and design a vertical garden, Respira is the right choice for you. Respira is the first residential living wall garden system designed to make gardening easy. It comes with a mounting rail and attaches to the wall with two screws - its as easy as hanging a picture frame. Not only does Respira save you precious real estate through its vertical design, but it is planted hydroponically (without soil), which means you never have to deal with the mess of soil or numerous gardening tools ever again.

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