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The Green Tech Revolution: Current Trends and The Future

While the world's population continues to grow with increasing speed, so does the need for sustainable products and solutions. Clean, green technology is one of the most promising solutions to combat the ecological problems we face such as climate change and resource depletion.

Wind farm

In this article we explore how green tech has evolved and we'll take a look at what causes are behind this popularity in nature-technology integration.

Green Innovation in the Consumer Product Sector

When you think about the future of green tech you may be picturing fields of wind turbines, solar panels on every exposed roof possible and everyone driving electric cars, but there are many emerging green tech products that we can actually integrate into our homes and use in our day-to-day lives.

We've shared three of our favourite innovative consumer products that exemplify this balance of nature and technology below.

Nimble Portable Charger

We've all been there. You're out with friends or just finished a long day at work and your phone battery is at 1%. If you're looking for a solution to this problem, Nimble has the product for you - an energy efficient portable charger thats made with the planet in mind. Not only can this device power your phone up tp 80% in 30 minutes but it can also charge three devices at the same time. Even better, its made from recycled aluminum, plant-based bioplastics, and comes in plastic free packaging!

Nimble Eco-Friendly Portable Phone Charger


Pela, the makers of the compostable phone case, have recently completed their second successful crowd-funding campaign with the residential smart compost system, Lomi. This product takes away the smell and mess of compost and helps you turn your food waste into nutrient rich compost with just the click of a button. With the soil compost you produce you can then give back to the earth by adding it to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Pela - Lomi Compost System

Respira Smart Garden

Of course we had to include our Respira smart garden in the mix here as well. With the mission of improving the health of the built environment through a connection to nature and improved indoor air quality, Respira is a product that is now more important than ever. Respira uses the natural process of biofiltration to actively purify the air we breathe indoors. This system also acts as a beautiful indoor garden that is self-watering, self-lighting and self-feeding so you can garden without the guesswork.

Respira Smart Home Garden

The Green Tech Market — Present and Future

In the last decade, clean tech has gone through a huge transformation. Not only have we seen an increase in awareness regarding climate change and its consequences but we've also witnessed more green innovation than ever before. Today, millions of people work at companies focused on providing energy efficient and sustainable resources and live their daily lives with more conscious consumption and activities. This change in consumer behaviour has also influenced many businesses to make more eco-conscious decisions when it comes to their products, manufacturing and packaging. The result is improved customer satisfaction and inherently, the preservation of our planet. 

This is more than just a trend or fad what will come and go with this generation of consumers, in fact, investment in new clean energy and renewable energy technology has been growing for years and will continue to grow as more people become aware of how their actions affect the planet and the future of our species.

When was the last time you went indoors for fresh air?

Introducing the air purifying smart garden that takes care of itself.

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