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Why Can’t I Keep My House Plants Alive?

Plant Basics

There’s no denying that house plants brighten up a room. Plants can also boost oxygen levels and improve health in other ways, but if your plants have died on you one too many times, you might be tempted to give up. While it’s true that some plants are hard to kill, sadly, no plant is impossible to kill. Plants are living organisms with a definite set of requirements for survival. Read on for some helpful suggestions on how not to kill your plants.

Collection of indoor plants

Keeping Plants Alive

Plants have three basic needs: light, water, and nutrients. Sounds simple enough, right? But striking the right balance of all three for different plants can be challenging. And with a busy schedule, it’s easy to completely forget about your plants (at least until you notice they’ve died). To understand what a given plant prefers, it helps to know what its native habitat is. These days, even if the plant didn’t come with instructions, it’s easy to find that information with a quick search. Search before you shop, so you can find easy-to-care-for plants that will thrive in the conditions you already have.


Tropical plant leaves absorbing the sunlight

Ferns, for example, are a popular houseplant that is found in the wild on the forest floor. They can handle some direct light but are generally happy with the kind of filtered light they would get if they were growing under a leafy tree. Every plant is unique in this sense so it's important to know what each plant needs and find a spot for it where it can thrive.


The same principle applies to how much water a plant requires. That same fern likes the soil to be damp all the time, just like it would be in a dense forest.  A cactus or succulent, on the other hand, will soon rot if the soil isn’t allowed to dry out between waterings.


Figuring out which nutrients a plant needs, and how much, can be a little more complicated. Some are “heavy feeders” that like a lot of nutrients, while others naturally grow in poor soil. Thankfully, many plants can still survive and function within a pretty broad range. For your house plants to really thrive and be beautiful, though, optimal nutrition is important.

Automated Plant Care

If you want all the benefits of houseplants without the hassle, Respira has good news for you. Since plants are one of the best ways to make your space healthier, we’re on a mission to make it possible for everyone to have a thriving indoor ecosystem with lots of beautiful greenery. Whether your thumbs are green or brown, Respira will ensure that you have healthy and vibrant plants in your space. Respira was developed to be low-maintenance and easy to use. The integrated technology will regulate and manage nutrients and pH, adjust the lighting schedule, monitor temperature and humidity, and let you know the level of indoor air pollution in your home. An intuitive touchscreen allows for easy adjustment of settings, and notifications take the mystery out of horticulture. Best of all, you can see this information anywhere you have internet access. So take the guesswork out of growing your plants and start seeing the benefits now.

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