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Zoom Plants - Respira
Zoom Plants - Respira
Zoom Plants - Respira
Zoom Plants - Respira
Zoom Plants - Respira
Zoom Plants - Respira


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NOTE: Winter Shipping Restrictions are now in place. We are only shipping plants to the following regions for the time being: Greater Vancouver Area (BC) and Greater Toronto Area (ON) in Canada. In the US we are shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.


Each palette comes with 13 hydroponically grown tropical plants. The palettes pictured are examples of what could be received however, plant counts are not exact and will be based on growing cycles and availability. 


These lush plants are hearty and thrive in low-light conditions. Ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the warm comfort of their favourite tropical destination. Within the palette, you may find Philodendron’s, Pothos, Dracaena Janet Craig, Warneckii Lemon Lime, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Ficus Audrey and Arbricola Schefflera.


The assorted Pothos palette can come with Devils Ivy, Jade Pothos, Neon Pothos and Marble Queen. These are durable plants that will be easy to propagate over time allowing you an endless supply to replenish your plant fix. Watch them trail downwards and create timeless dynamic beauty.


Plants poised to breathe energy and life back into your space. The spectrum of colours promotes positivity and creative thinking. A very low maintenance palette consisting of Dracaena Bi-colour, Warneckii Lemon Lime, Calathea Medallion, Crotons, Ficus Burgundy, Ficus Tineke, Dieffenbachia and Anthuriums.

Pet friendly

Many household plants can be toxic to our four-legged family members. Although ingestion is required of a large volume of tropical plants, it's best to keep them safe with this palette consisting of non-toxic tropicals. Calathea Marantha Leuconeura, Persian Shield, Baby Rubber plant, Spider Plant, Calathea Ornata Pinstripe and Calathea Rufibarba.

Looking To Fully Automate Your Respira?

Respira Smart offers the fully automated gardening expereince. Respira Smart allows for remote access to the fans, pumps, lights and air quality analyticis from any smart device.

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Where did you think all the fresh air was coming from?

Biological air filtration using the power of nature. Respira offers the aesthetic & atmospheric benefits of a living wall, with the performance of an air filtration system. Respira pulls the air inside your space through the biofilter and removes 97% of airborne toxins and pollutants which we otherwise would be breathing.

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