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A Biophilic Designed Smart Garden

Incorporate the benefits of nature to improve the health of your home.

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Welcome Nature Home

Breathing life back into your space

Design your space with health and functionality in mind.

Easy to Maintain

Get notified every time your unit needs more water or nutrients, so
you can garden without the guesswork.

Simple Set Up

Save floor space by mounting Respira on your wall or keep it flexible by placing
it on the stand. Plants are shipped directly to your door, ready for planting.

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Garden without the guesswork, with the air-purifying smart garden that takes care of itself.

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Every year, 12,000 tonnes of disposable filters end up in landfills. With every Respira unit sold we are able to reduce that number.

Natural Air Purification

A build-up of microbes in the root zone of the plants attacks and permanently
destroys common airborne toxins found in the home.

Welcome nature into your home with Respira

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