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When was the last time you went indoors for fresh air?

Humans spend 90% of their time indoors. Respira is focused on enhancing the health of your home through a connection to nature and improved indoor air quality.

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An Inside Look

Natural Air Purification

A build up of beneficial microbes existing in the roots of our plants captures and permanently destroys contaminants of concern in a 300 sq ft. space.

Reusable Pre-Filter

Our reusable pre-filter removes dust and larger particles before the air is then pushed through the plant’s root zone.

Grow Light

Grow plants anywhere - even without natural light - using the 15W LED Grow Light.


Every year, 12,000 tonnes of disposable filters end up in landfills. With every Respira unit sold, we are able to reduce that number by providing a zero-waste alternative to traditional air purifiers.

Easy To Maintain

Grow plants without any natural light. Receive alerts when your
Respira needs water or nutrients.



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The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature

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Debunking Claims About Plants and Clean Air

NASA’s 1989 study “Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement,” lead by Bill Wolverton, aimed to determine whether indoor houseplants could filter out harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from...

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Breathing life back into your space

Join our growing community in planting the seeds for the
next generation of clean air technology.


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