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Behind the Foliage

Setting Goals for 2022

Written by Dylan Robertson (Co-founder) For the better half of my life I have been setting goals. Early on, I would make big proclamations, to anyone that would listen, that...

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Sustainable Cleaning

Natural cleaning products are best for us and the environment. Learn about sustainable businesses that can help us create a healthier home and planet.

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Designing the Perfect Home Office

Remote work is only rising in popularity and while it has its benefits, it has also made it crucial for many to create a dedicated workspace in order to reduce burnout. Here are...

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Hygge for a Healthy Home

By Liz Shiro In recent years, there has been plenty of attention on the country of Denmark, as it ranks as one of the happiest counties in the world. What is this...

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Garden Therapy

Today, many people use gardening at home as a way to meditate and calm their minds. Read more about the ways you can incorporate horticultural therapy at home in this blog.

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Seasonal Allergies

When the spring comes after a long winter, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sun. But if you suffer from seasonal allergies, it may not be so easy. That pesky little stuff...

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Clean, Green and Sustainable Offices

It should come as no surprise that the world is facing some serious ecological  issues with toxic air polluting our cities, plastic waste consuming our oceans and agricultural losses that threaten...

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Choosing a Green Wall for Your Home

There are many reasons to bring plants into your home, and there are also many indoor green walls and gardening kits on the market that can help you do so. So, why choose Respira? ...

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